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Rate Schedules for Acquired Members

Now through June 2011, rates for new member/owners are not scheduled to change for delivery and basic generation.  After July 2011, new member/owners will receive at-cost power supply from a cooperatively-owned wholesaler.  Gradual wholesale power cost adjustments, which have shown a recent downward trend, will fluctuate up and down in the cost of owning and operating plants. 

Other than adjustments for the costs of wholesale power, new member/owners are not scheduled to see a base rate increase until July 1, 2014. This extends Potomac Edison's exisiting agreement to not raise base rates an additional three years, providing protections for ratepayers transitioning to SVEC service. 

Rate Schedules for New SVEC Member/Owners


| Residential Service RQ | General Service GQ | General Service CQ | Large Primary PPQ |

| Coincident Peak-Load Control PCQ-2 | Light and Power PHQ | Net Energy Metering Rider |

| Metering Services and Ownership Rider-Q | Street and Highway Lighting Service SLQ |

| Outdoor Lighting Service OLQ | Private Outdoor Area Lighting Service ALQ |

| Street and Highway Lighting MSLQ | WPA-1QSales and Use Tax Surcharge |

| Levelized Purchase Power Factor LPPF |